A Symphony is made up of four parts… That’s us. Ivan the pained ex-ballet dancer. Anton the unpredictable artist. Erik the damaged violinist. And me, Rose, their Muse. The one. Together they cracked open my heart, they made me feel. Our love story isn’t made up of fairy tales. It’s dark, twisted, but oh so beautiful. And no… Continue reading Symphony


With Ivan I found acceptance. With Anton, home in the dark. With Erik, I fear my undoing… Erik Hadley is a gifted violinist with a dark past and an even more troubled soul. His only place of safety, a glass room built to protect others from his violent outbursts. But it’s nothing more than a… Continue reading Strings


He told me I was his muse. He lied. Anton Sachov, the artist, the man who only sees in monochrome. He wants something from me. Something precious; the meadow green of my eyes, the rich mahogany of my hair, the creamy white of my skin, the stark red of my blood, even the darkness of… Continue reading Strokes


My dream of becoming prima ballerina is dead. Dropped by the Royal Ballet, I return home to my empty house in Cornwall with nothing but ghosts, and memories of a past I am desperate to forget. It takes months of depression before I pull myself out of the bleakness and attempt to start living again.… Continue reading Steps