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He told me I was his muse. He lied.

Anton Sachov, the artist, the man who only sees in monochrome.
He wants something from me.
Something precious; the meadow green of my eyes, the rich mahogany of my hair, the creamy white of my skin, the stark red of my blood, even the darkness of my soul. And he will do anything to get them.
Including the unthinkable, locking me away.

Join Rose and the men of Browlace Manor in the second book of the Finding Their Muse trilogy and sink further into this dark, gothic tale of guilt, desire, despair, and redemption.

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Such a heartbreaking and beautiful book, focusing on the trauma's and progress of Anton and Rose. The beautiful healing that happened in this book had me so emotional while reading. Phenomenal writing, especially to be able to write this series. Amazing.

~ Bookish DanDan - Amazon Reviewer

Holy crap. This book was so dark, intimidating, and twisted. And the kicker is that Anton was not the worst part! Rose is so dark and damaged, its unimaginable. To be enraptured in this story is to wade your way through the murkiness of someones deepest, most intense, and safely guarded thoughts. And while you are making your way through the characters' minds, they hold up a mirror to your own deep and seedy secrets. As always Bea, you've done it again.

~ Jessica - Amazon Reviewer

This Reverse Harem is full of perfectly imperfect characters. Each and every one of them are broken in their own way, both physically & mentally, based on their own twisted pasts. This story is about finding the beauty in those imperfection and the darkness that lives within.

~ Traci - Bookstagram

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