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A Symphony is made up of four parts…

That’s us. Ivan the pained ex-ballet dancer. Anton the unpredictable artist. Erik the damaged violinist. And me, Rose, their Muse. The one.

Together they cracked open my heart, they made me feel. Our love story isn’t made up of fairy tales. It’s dark, twisted, but oh so beautiful. And no one, not even the woman who tried to kill me is going to destroy what we have.

This is our final story, this is our symphony. Are you ready to listen? This is a complete why choose romance series for 18+ readers.

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I absolutely loved how the final book wove everything in the series together. The characters development were absolutely beautiful to read, with so much trust and healing. The author to me in a beautiful journey with these characters that I loved.

~ BookishDanDan

I am afraid to write this review. More than any other series I have read and reviewed I feel that I cannot find the proper words. I will be haunted by its dark beauty. This series is a rarity. It's dark, twisted but unlike any other. The characters captured me and wouldn't let go. Their stories, individual and together moved me deeply. I think this series was masterfully created, written, and executed. Bea Paige deserves accolades for every single touch. The titles Steps, Strokes, Strings, and Symphony have an undeniable simplicity and elegance that only hint at the depth.

~ Jennifer G - Amazon Reviewer

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