The Masks and the Dancer



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Kindle Edition, 506

The Masks
We kidnapped her.
She was our revenge.
She fought against our darkest desires.
She shone a light on our pitch black souls.
She became our mirror.
She made us see.
And what do monsters do when they stare at their reflection?
They break the fu*king glass.

The Dancer
They kidnapped me.
I was their vengeance.
They used and abused me, they degraded and humiliated me.
But I fought back.
I held up the mirror. I made them see.
Only for them to shatter it into a million pieces.
And what does a girl like me do to the men who break her?
She cuts the b*stards and makes them feel.

WARNING: This is an 18+ dark, contemporary, captive/kidnap reverse harem romance and contains graphic sex scenes, non-con and dub-con, violence, and other subject matter that some may find triggering. This story will have a HEA, but of course it will be hard won.

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She really outdid herself on this one. It's dark and twisted with a whole lot of spice and the plot is captivating until the last second. What I love about Bea Paige books is that they have their own identities but they flow so well together. She continues to give readers a piece of the characters from other series to keep you hooked to make you want to reread that series over and over again. You can get lost in their universes and feel like you're along for the ride. The way that Bea can tell a story and bring her characters to life. It takes an incredible talent to describe feelings and actions. Including playing music, singing a long song, dancing, or even painting. You not only see what is going on but feel every emotion.

~ Cassia - Amazon Reviewer

Thrilling, seductive and utterly delicious. An sensual nightmare to soothe my wee gothic heart. This is Bea Paige's darkest work to date—yet, however deep down the rabbit hole the Masks beckon, I'll happily follow.

~ USA Today Bestselling Author, Steffanie Holmes

The imagery was vivid, the emotions were tense and dark, the side characters were endearing (as well as anger inducing) and the plot was paced perfectly for maximum enjoyment.

~ nerdy.smut.bookworm

This book was nothing short of exceptional. It is a tragically dark, twisted and depraved love story. A story of redemption in circumstances where it may not seem possible.

~ Slide Between the Pages

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