The Dancer and The Masks



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The Masks
We kidnapped her. A payment for a debt. A very personal one. With our father “The Collector” dead, we are the heirs to a twisted dynasty with nothing but revenge in our hearts, blood on our hands, and darkness in our souls. The Dancer we stole is our captive to play with, to possess, to ruin.
And we will destroy her.

The Dancer
I was kidnapped. Ripped from the people I love, and imprisoned in a castle in Scotland with walls as thick and impenetrable as the stone encasing my kidnappers’ hearts. Do as they say and you’ll survive, fight and feel the consequences of their wrath. The Masks who stole me are cruel, merciless and wicked.
But they won’t break me.

WARNING: This is an 18+ dark, contemporary, reverse harem captive/kidnap romance and contains graphic sex scenes, violence, dub-con / non-con and subject matter that readers may find triggering.

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Dark. Decadent. And a little depraved. Bea Paige enthrals with this delicious dark romance. The men are dangerous, possessive and unapologetic. But the woman they're after doesn't back down. Prepare yourself for another page-turning, sinful, and spicy masterpiece by this incredible author.

~ Loxley Savage, Author of Seven Sins of Snow.

Sinfully dark and bloody, the kind of darkness that had me questioning my sanity nan morality. The kind that had me on the edge of my seat, dragged into the story not wanting to escape.

~ BadMoms Book Club

The imagery was vivid, the emotions were tense and dark, the side characters were endearing (as well as anger inducing) and the plot was paced perfectly for maximum enjoyment.

~ Nerdy Smut Bookworm

This book is breathtaking. Yes, it is dark and her darkest work yet but it was made into something hauntingly beautiful. My jaw was on the floor the whole way through because I was so enamoured by the emotions/story being conveyed on the page.

~ Amy-apiecesbookrealm

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