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A nickname given to me by my father, the Ruler of Tales, an East End underground fight club.
Tales you win. Heads you lose.
And the fighters of Tales never lose.
The men my father ruled were his faithful soldiers sworn to protect the club, him, me.
Until one day, his most loyal soldier, Beast, makes a decision that changes my story forever.
But this is no fairy tale and I don’t own a crown.
This is real life. Bloody, violent, and filled with alpha men who use their fists to settle every dispute.
And if the man who calls me Princess thinks he can break my heart and get away with it, he can think again.

This is Grim and Beast’s love story. You may recognise them from Academy of Stardom series.

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So, the angst is real, but the swoon is also high. Their love feels epic, it feels meaningful and life changing- the smut will come (I want it), but these characters have never been driven by their physicality alone. They are one soul living in two hearts. Hearts that beat for each other. And, even if the steam is light, the tension is NOT- this was literary edging. Meow. And the foreshadowing of the smexy to come….

~ The Romantic Rush Blog

I’m not gonna lie, right now I feel like my heart was just ripped out of my chest, thrown on the ground and mushed into a bloody pulp. The massive emotional book hangover I have right now doesn’t even begin to decipher how this book affected me. This was an absolutely heart wrenching, frustratingly, fantastic masterpiece!! This is Grim and Beast’s long awaited story. And let me tell you it’s not an easy one it’s down right rough and maddening to put it mildly. These two are absolutely perfect for each other in every way. But there are three things that keep them apart at this point and it’s duty, loyalty and betrayal. The way they are with each other in the beginning is frustrating and funny, I absolutely love the banter and teasing between the two. Most definitely highly recommend this book it’s an absolute must read!!

~ Rebecca - Amazon reviewer

“I’ve made my choice. I want to be Queen of Tales, and I want Beast too.” 100% worth the wait to finally get Beast & Grim’s story told! When I say I dove in headfirst and didn’t come up for air until I was done, I mean obsession happened! If you’ve read any of Bea’s previous works you’ll be somewhat familiar with the main characters of this love story, especially if you’ve read and loved the academy of stardom books! What starts out as a forbidden bodyguard with an age gap twist for the (mafia) boss’ daughter turns into something so full of tension and love…. We’ve already seen their HEA but the journey to how they’ve gotten there is all new & consuming 🔥

~ Sara - Amazon Reviewer

Yesss! Everything I could've asked for in the first part of Beast & Grim's duet! The absolute electric energy between these two is amazing. I was basically fanning myself while reading.The banter, the tension, the denial! This book is of epic angsty proportions. Also, Beast is to die for. I loved him before but now....Not only is he a sexy, badass alphamale who will do anything for Grim, he is really funny too. After that ending, I cannot wait to see where this story continues. *I need to make mention that Bea Paige gives us the best playlists for each of her books. With this one, I absolutely loved the song incorporation for each chapter. It really gave a whole new reading experience for me.*

~ Amy - Amazon Reviewer

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