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Beast in name. Beast in nature.
Once upon a time Tales was my home.
I was the second in command and the best goddamn fighter the club had ever seen.
I fought. I won.
Every. Damn. Time.
Until one day I lost trying to protect the princess from the true monster of this f*cked-up fairy tale.
She shunned me, sent me away.
Now I’m back to tell her the truth, not some tale full of half-truths and lies.
I’ll do whatever it takes to win her over, because if there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that this beast’s heart only beats for one woman.
The Queen of Tales.

This is book two of Grim & Beast’s duet. You may recognise these characters from the Academy of Stardom series.

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These two tear up the pages with their steamy connection- one they start, they quite literally can’t stop. AND I AM HERE FOR IT. But Bea also gives us moments tender and sweet- a reminder that Grim is still a young woman, and that Beast loves her with a devotion beyond reproach. The proclamations and sweet nothings in this books are EVERYTHING- to see a man as scary and formidable as Beast put his heart so openly on his sleeve for Grim. OH MY HEART. We all deserve to be loved in the way Beast loves Grim- he worships her. No doubt.

~ The Romantic Rush Blog

Now, onto Heads You Lose, the final book in Grim and Beast’s duet. Bea told us that she was going to bring the steam with this book and she was not lying!! The sizzling slow burn of book one gave way to the most incredible moments between these characters in book two. The romance, the spice, the banter— it was all written beautifully and passionately.

~ Melissa - Amazon review

Oh My Gee, that was the best and most welcome ending I’ve read in a long time. Maybe ever. With that thought in mind let’s just take a moment to acknowledge how sad we all are that we are definitely going to be finishing this book quickly. More than likely resulting in a book hangover from the beauty that is the epilogue/happy ending for Beast and Grim. This duet is a thing of beauty, high highs and low lows, dark at some moments and lighthearted laughter at others, heartache too. But above all else LOVE, in all of its forms pouring off of every page.

~ Margaux - Amazon Reviewer

The perfect conclusion to Grim & Beasts duet! After the jaw dropping ending in Tales You Win I was left in anticipation for book two and Bea Paige not only delivered but she exceeded all my expectations. Everything about the two is magnetic and if what Beast is willing to do for Grim isn’t true love then I don’t know what is. There’s hate, lust, love, and so much steam. The two have grown so much from the beginning of their journey and seeing their story full of so much passion finally unfold was beautiful and HOT. Hot because we finally get the steam that Bea Paige promised we’d get in book two. Everything about Grim & Beast is a love story meant to be and this book was the perfect conclusion for the two.

~ Rii - Amazon reviewer

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