Curses and Cures

We’re the Deana-dhe. We’re the men everyone fears… Or so we had thought. Until the Skull Brotherhood steals the one thing more precious to us than anything else. Cyn. Our talented healer. Our original sin. Our soulmate. To get her back we’re forced to seek the help of our enemies. Putting aside our need for… Continue reading Curses and Cures

Debts and Diamonds

Arden, Lorcan and Carrick are the men everyone fears… They are known as the Deana-dhe. Dealing in debts, they steal information and they manipulate. To them I am Cyn. I’m their original sin. The mute girl they never wanted to be drawn to. The girl who put a spell on them, who became their cailleach. You see, I’m… Continue reading Debts and Diamonds