The Thug and His Doll – people cover


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From the author of the Academy of Stardom series comes the first book in a brand new world set in Princetown featuring a curvy, single mum and the heir to the Hammer family fortune. This is an angsty, steamy romance that will get your pulse racing and your tears flowing.

After running from my abusive husband, the only thing I care about is getting my son as far away from him as possible.
With no money to my name and a car that barely survives the miles I put between us, I find myself in Princetown.
As hope dwindles and options become scarce, fate intervenes when a tall, tattooed stranger, extends a helping hand.
But despite his kindness, can I truly believe that he wants to help us without expecting anything in return? After all, I’ve trusted the wrong person before, and look where that got us.

As an adopted heir to one of Princetown’s founding families, I was thrust into a life of riches, and later, trapped into a role that I hate.
With a debt to be paid, I have no choice but to take on the role of enforcer. Resigned to the fact that this is my lot in life, I become the thug everyone wants me to be.
Then a chance encounter with a beautiful woman and her young son changes everything, and I find myself wanting to be the man they both deserve, the man I truly am.
But they’ve just escaped from a life of violence, and if Lia discovers the truth about my job, I may just lose them forever.

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