Storm of Seduction



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With a loan shark at her door, can Louisa accept the protection of the brothers Freed?

After her mother’s sudden death, abandoning the brothers Freed in the French Alps had been a knee-jerk reaction. Now she is alone once more.
When a loan shark comes knocking on her door demanding payment for her mother’s debt, Louisa finds herself in danger from a merciless criminal. Saved from a brutal beating, Bryce Freed offers her the safety of the Freed family home, a job within their company and a warm spot in their beds. With few other options, Louisa finds herself agreeing to his offer. But she isn’t sure which scares her more; the man after her money, or the men after her heart.

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Book 2 in the brothers Freed series is just as good as the first. Bea Paige is exceptional so talented her books take you in to the book in such a way that you feel apart of it.

~ Readergirlx

Wow, just wow. I'm really enjoying this series, loving the characters, the storyline, the dynamics. Louisa is such an amazing character, after what she has been through she deserves some love. The Freed brothers, well, what can I say, except, 'Hubba, hubba', these dudes are hot. Excellent reading

~ Joanne - Amazon Reviewer

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