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From the gutter to the stars…

Dance has always been the answer to everything.
It soothed my soul, kept me sane, gave me purpose.
It brought the Breakers back to me. It healed us.
This time dance isn’t enough.
It’s time to face our enemies.
It’s time I fight back.
But at what cost? My soul? The death of everyone I care about?
All I can be certain of is this…
I’m willing to do anything to protect the people I love. Even becoming a monster.
This time there’ll be no rehearsals, just our grand finale. I pray it won’t be our last.

**Finale is book 4 of 4 in this new, gritty, contemporary academy romance for 17+ readers that includes one girl with multiple love interests. It deals with adult themes and some subjects you may find upsetting. If you love dance, your men on the criminal side, alpha hot holes, and the friends-to-enemies-to-lovers trope, this is for you. Contains foul language, sexual scenes and of course a HEA. For some of the characters at least.**

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As we close the doors on this harem (though Bea has promised us more in this world), I again have to marvel at the creativity and innovative storytelling that makes this series so unique and inspired. This isn’t a story about dance, a story that features dancers, a story with some dance in it- though it has all those things. Bea has given us an emotional and poignant character journey that is told THROUGH dance - from the start to finish. They way she’s merged music and movement- taken what is inherently not visible, something seemingly impossible to articulate through the written word, and she’s breathed so much life into it that I could feel the moment, the energy, the FEELINGS coursing through my veins.

~ The Romantic Rush Blog

Wow! What an absolutely fantastic series. It had me in a chokehold from the start. The real world only existed as a rude interruptions to my time with Pen and the Breakers. And this last book, Finale, was everything I needed as a conclusion. The mystery, intrigue, and twists kept me hooked until the end. The spice was hotter than the temperature of the water in that hot tub scene…IYKYK. The growth and evolution of these characters was astounding to read.

~ Heather - Amazon reviewer

The writing in this book, and the other three was so well done. I can’t even explain it honestly. Her words pierced my heart and left me in tears throughout most of this book. Bea Paige has such a way with words that just captures you. When I finished this book, even though most the characters got their HEA, I just sat and stared. My heart pumping from the final twist and trying to calm down from the bombs that started dropping at about 70% and all the way through to the end. I couldn’t put into words what this book meant. It was a heart wrenching, beautiful, unique, and bold story about love, death, friendship, loss, revenge, hope, fear, and accepting happiness even if we don’t think we deserve it.

~ Sierraly - Amazon Reviewer

I am so happy with this series! I’ve cried, I laughed, I burst in to flames, I fell in love more times that I could’ve count! It’s amazing the power this woman has to bring you to your knees! This four guys are unique and Pen is this glue that make all of them work! Beautiful!

~ Luisa - Amazon Reviewer

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