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You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family…

But that’s crap. I can choose my family. I choose Eastern. I choose Ford. I choose Sonny. I choose Camden.
Four boys.
Four boys with broken, jagged edges.
Four fierce boys who have chosen me. And now together we face my flesh and blood.
My brother, the biggest bully at Oceanside. My father, the most notorious criminal in the country.
Both intent on hurting the people I love.
But they’ve underestimated me. I’m Asia. I’m a fighter.
I carry the storm within me. And with my boys by my side, we’ll face them head on.
Because we are the delinquents, we are the rejects, but most of all we are family, and family sticks together.

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This series. I freaking love it. Slightly damaged FMCs with questionable morals are my jam, and then when you throw in some bad boys, just swoon. The first two books in this series were bloody fantastic, but I’ll admit I was apprehensive about this final book in the series. Often that the conclusion to series, even ones I love, leave me feeling let down, and I do didn’t want to see that happen with these characters I adore so much. I shouldn’t have worried. I should’ve known Bea Paige wouldn’t disappoint. She pulled out all the stops with Family, giving readers surprises, pulse-pounding action, heartache, and of course, a good dose of delicious steam.

~ Meagan - Amazon Reviewer

Reading the final book in any series is tough; will all the questions be answered? Will the characters have fulfilled all they set out to do? I truly admire the authors ability to have created characters that remain true to themselves. I find more times than not, when reading about younger characters, they don’t actually come across their age. It’s a huge pet peeve of mine. Bea Paige has created characters that are each truly unique as well as memorable.

~ BSH - Amazon Reviewer

This book was absolutely heart wrenching, it was a roller coaster of emotions. Bea took us on one hell of a ride and left my heart so full by the end. Asia and her men would not bend, tho they may break a little in this last book. I am so excited to see the spin offs that come from this and cannot wait. Bea writes with such raw emotion. 10/10 would recommend anything she writes honestly.

~ Brittany - Amazon Reviewer

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