Heads You Lose – Alternate HARDBACK cover


**DIGITALLY SIGNED By the author**

Grab your HARDBACK copy of the alternate ‘object cover’ of Heads You Lose, book two in the Grim and Beast Duet by Bea Paige, and feel the tension leap off the pages between the morally grey, Beast and the woman he will burn the world down for, Grim.

“Beast and Grim’s story is scorching. Their first kiss probably has to be the most powerful kiss I have read. It filled my whole body with ghostbumps. It was explosive – it wasn’t just any kiss! A truly amazing, hot and powerful read.”Poppy, Goodreads Reviewer

Beast in name. Beast in nature.
Once upon a time Tales was my home.
I was the second in command and the best goddamn fighter the club had ever seen.
I fought. I won.
Every. Damn. Time.
Until one day I lost trying to protect the princess from the true monster of this f*cked-up fairy tale.
She shunned me, sent me away.
Now I’m back to tell her the truth, not some tale full of half-truths and lies.
I’ll do whatever it takes to win her over, because if there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that this beast’s heart only beats for one woman.
The Queen of Tales.

This is book two of Grim & Beast’s duet. You may recognise these characters from the Academy of Stardom series.

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