Debts & Diamonds



Grab your paperback copy of Debts & Diamonds, book one in the Deana-dhe duet by Bea Paige, and fall in love with the three mysterious Irish criminals and their beloved Cyn.

“I was always intrigued by Arden, Lorcan, and Carrick when we met them in 2 other stories in this interconnected world. I love the herbology, alchemy, almost witchcraft edge this book has. The author toes the line and I am here for it. I love the tinctures she makes and how she can affect the guys so easily but has so much restraint its not even funny. The tension as kids between the 4 characters was so palpable.” – Ravens9308

Arden, Lorcan and Carrick are the men everyone fears…

They are known as the Deana-dhe.
Dealing in debts, they steal information and they manipulate.
To them I am Cyn.
I’m their original sin.
The mute girl they never wanted to be drawn to.
The girl who put a spell on them, who became their cailleach.
You see, I’m a modern day witch, skilled in the art of alchemy.
A long time ago I made a deal with the Deana-dhe, and they’re back to cash in on my debt.
But if I’m the apple they never wanted to take a bite out of, then they’re the snakes willing to use me for their own gain.
They want me to make diamonds, a drug that has the ability to heighten the senses, and manipulate emotions.
They want me to reverse the spell I put on them.
But how can I?
I may be a witch, but there’s no f*cking with love.

**This is a contemporary, why choose romance with dark themes and a hint of magic. Please note that some of the content may be triggering to some readers.


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