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He arrived on a warm summer’s day…

Malakai Azaiah Dunbar, a loner whose home was the ocean I adored.
I was eighteen, he was thirty-six.
My foolish heart was stolen by a man who refused to accept I existed. A forbidden kiss sending him back into the arms of the ocean.
I was nineteen. He was thirty-seven.
He was changed. Cruel. Abrasive. Until he wasn’t and I gave him something precious.
I’m twenty. He’s thirty-eight.
Just like the ocean we both adore, Malakai is mysterious, tumultuous, dangerous and not to be tamed. Fear has kept us apart for too long, but I’m not afraid anymore. It’s time to lay everything on the line. It’s time to bring him home.

**This is a standalone, age gap, contemporary romance with high heat levels and a love story that might just make you weep. Recommended for 17+ readers due to adult content and language.

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Age gap romance with the potential to make you cry and scream and throw it across the room. This book put me through the emotional rollercoaster. Recommend this if you love brooding alpha males, age gaps and a little bit of a cry.

~ Bex, Goodreads Reviewer.

The love, angst and emotional roller coaster this book had me on was worth it to get to the end. I was simply amazed with this book, but i shouldn't have been because Bea always exceeds all my expectations!

~ Nikitas Book Reviews

I went through a gamut of emotions reading this from crying ugly tears to smiling to all the warm feelings. These two will break your heart and rebuild it again by the end of the book.

~ Lisa, Amazon reviewer.

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